What fees do you incur in using this site?

Use of this site is free of charge for guests as well as registered members.
The difference between free and registered members is, the registered members can manage their own pictures
and can provide personal contact information in their profile.


The comments on this page are only visible after the admin has been released.
Comments that include spam, insults, personal information or contact details,
to expressive or ordinarily words, and have been inserted with copy and past function will be deleted.

Member profiles

Profiles that are spam or misuse of the page, as well as unused profiles, are deleted at regular intervals.


Neither the operator, server nor domain location exists a copyright. If you still can find pictures or videos on which you can be recognized or which you consider your property, we are glad to delete them.

Upload pictures

Pictures, photos and videos meet the following criteria are not shown:
- Bad picture quality
- Pictures with watermarks
- Had already been seen several times in the Internet

Delete pictures

Registered users can delete their account and pictures themselves.
Pictures which were shown by guests or copyright violations are deleted by us manually.
Send us an email with the exact link of the pic you want deleted.

Why is this page free of charge?

This site is financed exclusively by advertising It is therefore not necessary to demand further funds.

eMail and Adress

Luisa Gruber
281 Setthathirat Road
Ban Haysok
[email protected]

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